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Shenzhen Futian: achieving optimal management of public cultural resources

Date time:2013-09-16

As early as 10 years ago, Futian District, Shenzhen proposed to create "one kilometer Circle" objective, comprehensive start the "advanced cultural district" to create works. Today, the region belonged to the cultural centers were built 7, 104 public libraries, cultural centers 10 streets, community cultural activity room 88, various cultural Square 50, the region's public cultural facilities area 334,000 square meters. In this "small but fine, more than the whole, spread throughout the community," the pattern of public cultural facilities, cultural centers belonged to the seven total area of 40,000 square meters.

Such a rich public cultural resources, and how to achieve optimal management? Fukuda innovative ideas, set up a unified management of all sports facilities management operations belonged to the organization - District public cultural and sports development center and explore the "group management, chain operation" mode, According to the characteristics of the various cultural centers thematic positioning for each venue, showing a "prominent theme, the best use of" pattern.

Improve public welfare, and utilization

Enrich cultural venues dotted public cultural resources, but from another point of view, but also to the area brought heavy financial burden to management has brought difficult. To avoid the drawbacks of the past administration, improve public welfare facilities and utilization of cultural properties to ensure that facilities, improve public cultural service system, through in-depth research, held a meeting to study discussed preferred embodiments, Futian District, set up under the jurisdiction belonged to the management and operation of all sports facilities and sports center.

Since 2012, Fukuda started to tackle tough, drastic Foreign rent venues for recycling and recovery after the transformation of the original stadium upgrade. In June this year, is located in the North King's music museum, painting in a museum and a museum of dance Yuanling Area has been fundamentally changed. After transformation, the Theme Pavilion as function better, more beautiful environment, repeatedly praised by area residents.

After upgrading three theme pavilions hardware and software were significantly improved. Among them, the music museum and museum are located in King calligraphy culture north hall on the second floor of the original musical theater refurbished, ceilings and floors are brand new. The function rooms are also conducted sound insulation, lighting and sound, LED screen device configuration, facade renovation, fire protection, monitoring renovation. Square Dance Theme Pavilion on the first floor of the addition of more than 80 square meters big stage, you can carry out open-air performances. After the expansion, 5th Floor, function rooms equipped with advanced audio, LED screens and other equipment, the addition of 6th floor roof garden can hold salon.

Reporters learned that, following these 3 Theme Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion theater, piano Theme Pavilion, Theme Pavilion and other DreamWorks upgrading project has gradually started, is expected to completed by the end of this year.

Prominent theme of the major cultural venues

In order to optimize the use and manage numerous cultural venues, Futian District adopted a thematic orientation approach of combining seven cultural centers were positioned as theater, music, painting, dance, piano, non-genetic, DreamWorks (Youth) 7 theme Centre. Thus, public cultural service groups, can take what we need, the major venue then do their best to avoid the drawbacks of a thousand museum side.

Although the major theme pavilion has its own position, but each theme pavilions are unified in the "5 +2" project as the starting point for area residents to provide cultural services. "5 +2" that is to build a set of brand activities, cultivating a number of cultural groups, the creation of an art salon, establish a theme library, developing a culture of volunteer teams, as well as the hardware facilities, each equipped with a theater museum, an exhibition hall. Sadao sports center director Jane told reporters, each theme pavilion decoration design is not monotonous, all have their own theme highlighting style. Such as drama theme pavilion salon design in red tone, highlighting the vanguard; non-heritage museum is highlighting the folklore, the flagship Chinese style; musical theme pavilion pursuit of first sound; dance theme pavilions set piazza, emphasizing dance openness; DreamWorks is the youth pop culture arena. Also, each museum and also the main push to create a series of events highlighting the theme of the brand, such as the main musical theme Fukuda Choral Festival Hall, the main stone buildings push Meng Jinghui Theme Pavilion theater theater season and to prepare for a small theater festival, non-heritage museum put the street Arts Carnival playing normal brand activities, DreamWorks make China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Festival hip-hop culture and the Shenzhen International Percussion Festival of brands. Resources in the ranks, the museum also focus on supporting the corresponding social cultural groups, such as music theme pavilion children's choir Voices of Spring, autumn language choir, drama troupe carnations Theme Pavilion, opera and piano theme pavilion Yanxishe love Music Symphony Orchestra.

Reporters learned that the major cultural centers in the recovery and the subject positioned, cultural centers, utilization, influence and participation of residents greatly enhanced. In April this year, Meng Jinghui theatrical performances spring brings drama "dogs life views," "Accidental Death of an Anarchist" and the Theme Pavilion at the Star Theater drama, many had never heard of stone buildings theatrical theme Museum in the name of urban white-collar, and now as long as there performances, they will even behind.

From "man operation" to "Army Combat"

Sports center was established, Fukuda learn conglomerates "group management, chain operation" efficient, unified management and operational areas belonging to different cultural and sports venues, all venues from "man operation" to "Army operations."

Fukuda to seven venues for the position, through drama base, youth culture base, music base, dance base, piano cultural base, non-left display base, painting display and education base, the base library and information base of the building, in the Futian District to build a colorful public cultural landscape.

Major sports brand on district-level activities and festivals and cultural activities, sports centers unified deployment, unified planning, unified promotion, unified supervision and management, unified benefit analysis, various cultural venues are fully implemented. Such as in the major theme pavilion Fukuda unified deployment of the "Art Salon Project", and each topic has a corresponding theme museum, and a unified brand name, such as "fingertip Yuet" "trend elite sink" "Dance of Fun Show "" Literary Ascot sink "" Years Gramophone "" Music main line "," vision · Vientiane "" Drama Broadway "and so on. July, Fukuda held a number of different artistic salon content, such as "Kunqu cultural identity and aesthetic value", "Schubert's music world", "flower freehand Chinese Painting formal beauty", which attracted a large number of residents participation. King, who lives near the Museum of Northern Ms. Wang musical theme was "music runs through the line" Sharon's fans, who love music, she said, Zhangcheng Hao speaker of the "Schubert's music world," let her daughter's musical education with heuristic sentiment. Another example, in the major theme pavilions unified deployment unified entrance of the "public welfare training project", so that the major theme pavilions have been linked together, to achieve the maximization of the use of public cultural resources and optimization.

Fukuda build new public cultural traits, so that people living gusto, Fukuda culture is on the rise. Now, Fukuda is actively engaged international cultural strong area of high-quality construction, and strive to make the public more active sports career international element, Fukuda features more prominent, more generous welfare culture, the modern concept of a more distinctive, more enhanced brand awareness.