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"Negative big plum sand, making people rejected"

Date time:2014-08-05

Last weekend, the big plum sand beach staged a "negative big plum sand, making people" from the behavior of the art show.A team of urban youth play "play sea person" and "jiaozi" in a unique form of expression for people to understand the real seaside resort living congestion and the big plum sand beach environment bring depressive mood.
On August 3, 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, the big plum sand beach square coastline packed, the dense flow not only make the whole beach overwhelmed, but also to the surrounding traffic bring great pressure."Negative big plum sand, making people rejected" performance art show square on the beach at the seaside.Tourists said lee, "dumplings" take us to the big plum sand sea but will have the infinite grief, performing very in place, and playing "people sea" comfortable and enjoy what we really want.
According to the organizers of country garden ten mile silver beach, into the summer, people once again become a big xiaomeisha beach seaside square leisure summer most choice place.Especially at the weekend, the dense crowd not only make people feel beautiful seascape, also bring here traffic overwhelmed and environmental pollution.Such public welfare activities, hope you to the seaside holiday can have a new understanding, at the same time are called upon to protect coastal environment.